About Us

The Plastic Merchant was founded in 2016 after five years of experience in the secondary gift card reselling industry.

In an industry where fraud can ruin margins and reputations, carrying bullet-proof inventory is crucial. The Plastic Merchant works with a network of individuals to purchase a high-volume of desirable, 'clean' gift cards and e-gift cards, sourced directly from retailers and rewards programs, that we offer to gift card reselling companies. Our collective purchasing power enables us to meet the rapidly growing demand for discounted gift cards in both unique and top-selling brands. Our fraud-free inventory allows secondary gift card resellers to have more hassle-free transactions and build loyal customers.

Our bulk suppliers are verified individuals who specialize in manufactured spending, credit card churning, reselling, and retail arbitrage. They are detail-oriented, well-capitalized, and they eat, breathe, and sleep percentages. 


Why buy from The Plastic Merchant?

Buying gift cards from the general public is risky. The internet is a very scary place. Purchasing and reselling a fraudulently obtained gift card can cost your company money in both tangible and intangible ways. Even if you're able to recover funds from the seller, you still risk losing future business from a frustrated, unhappy customer.

Separate from this, deriving your inventory from many different smaller-volume sellers carries the hidden cost of time spent answering emails, managing relationships, handling issues that arise. Too often, your employees' time is spent communicating the same information over and over again rather than focusing on profitable endeavors.

Additionally, inventory turnover is crucial. When public sellers overload your inventory with undesirable, hard to sell brands, your cash flow suffers. We work with our suppliers to align our inventory purchases with their anticipated demand, in desirable denominations that make sense for that brand. You won't be carrying stale $500 restaurant brands when you work with us.