Bulk Seller Application/WAit-list



TPM provides sellers with a platform designed to minimize many of the headaches, risks, and inefficiencies associated with buying and selling discounted gift cards to earn points, miles, and profit. There's no "listing" gift cards and wondering if/when they'll sell, no wondering if your sale will be inexplicably declined, and no minimums to get paid. You'll always know exactly how much of a brand we're willing to buy, how long our prices are valid for, and you can lock in your ability to sell so you're never left hanging.

If you're a detail-oriented, good-natured points & miles/arbitrage enthusiast who is interested in learning more about our company and platform, please fill out the form below. We're always accepting applications for new bulk sellers, but please know that we onboard new sellers in groups - and it may take a couple of weeks, depending on when we hear from you, before we are able to let you know about the status of your application.